Meet The Jokers

Not only is each member an accomplished comedian, but all have served in the military. We’re not just another humor group pandering to the military, we are the military. Have a look, and get to know, your GI JOKERS.

280519_10100368314950690_5742123_oJAMIE WARD (USArmy):  Jamie’s’ comedy comes straight  out of his crazy mixed-up life. He is a Korean adopted son of a father from New York and a mother from Tennessee.   He has served in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. He has tried acting, modeling, and even bull-riding. He was training to become a professional ballroom dancer when I finally found stand-up comedy.

69579_10202857318609226_865814983_nCARLOS RODRIGUEZ (USNavy): Carlos’ comedy comes straight from his experiences throughout his life as a husband and father. He served as a dental tech in the Navy and made it into a career when he left. He turned to stand up as a way to release the pressures as a provider.

740324_10200322158641524_1258318575_oWOODY BATILARAN (USAF): Not many people have the outlook Woody has on the world. He channels his his view of the world in ways that have you rethink the way you see things. A former MP and now pays the bills from the adult entertainment industry, he has seen both sides and wants to tell the world.

Portrait of BrianBRIAN MALIS (USMC):

384668_2995826699481_328208496_nHOWARD HUNT (USArmy):



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