About The GI Jokers

The GI Jokers is a stand-up comedy troupe started in 2011 by comedian and Army veteran Jamie Ward. The original members included Wellington Juku (Navy) and Christian Saslo (AF). The GI Jokers got together with the intent to entertain troops and civilian audiences, with military humor that rings true to each service branch. And it is our goal to support military families by raising money for The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

In 2014 Woody Batilaran (AF) was brought on and headed up the comedy video channel. With the recent additions of Howard Hunt (Army), Carlos Rodriguez (Navy) and Brian Malis (USMC) The G.I. Jokers now represents the whole spectrum of military branches, as well as enlisted, commissioned and WO, so you can expect humor representing every aspect of the military experience.

In addition to performing live standup shows at clubs and bases, we release new on-line content every Wednesday, so make sure to like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on YOUTUBE.

If you enjoy our comedy and would like to support veterans with humor, please enjoy our videos and share them with your friends and co-workers. We’re making the jokes we always wanted to say, but couldn’t in uniform.

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